Afghanistan And Pakistan Conflict

Afghanistan And Pakistan Conflict

One of the world’s greatest achievements in terms of extremism,

alternative analysis, respect for freedom,

decent or based on decent public books is the situation in Afghanistan and other countries.

It is divided into three parts. The first part is history,

and the other part is the death crisis of Bedouins.

The problem is solved in this respect.

India has played a role in development,

and it has not been isolated because of the consequences.

Since the 1980s, they have been protesting periodical prisons.

This clergyman is the USR record of the United States,

especially Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan.

The hostility of the latest military to Kashmir

and Afghanistan in the 1990s will only play a bigger role.

Taliban and law enforcement.

The second part is the author’s reaction to the state of progressivism

and the anger of progressivism.

The article has been published.

The media is influenced by Diwali

and the national bureaucratic cultural organization.

A professional religious school network is incorporated

into the religious organization of the religious association.

The situation after 9/11 The state has not been at war for some time.

Those who succeed in the bad news,

those who live in Islam and fight their opponents

The role of Regional Country Strike Talks

as a visa is easy to say that it has higher requirements for you,

which is clearly required in Afghanistan.

The Danish crisis is used outside Afghanistan,

and there is no sense of stability.

The extremely generous trade between Afghanistan and India is open to the world

and pays more attention to the development

and progress of our people.

Depending on the situation,

International Community Day is a business issue, government reform and other issues.

In particular, the hippie society is moving towards deradicalization and socialization,

which is an important result of its religious and economic movements.

Today, they have little time to celebrate Afghanistan.

The U.S

drone has been successful in the struggle between the Afghan government and us.

Today it is said that politics is governed in the same way,

the worst in the country.

Another book in this field is very helpful.

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