Foundations of Education in pakistan

Foundations of Education

Master, Raja, Mastri, laborers, uneducated builders of houses and places!!

Car, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Mechanics, Untrained!!

Unqualified electricians fitting electricity!!

Uneducated painters of the house and place!!

Home refrigerator, TV, iron or washing machine manufacturers ineligible!!

Beard or hair volume unedited!!Those who make bread in weddings and sorrows are not ready!!

Drivers of cars, coaches and trucks etc. are uneducated!!

Home workers uneducated!!
Workers working in factories and mills are uneducated!

Sellers of meat, vegetables and shoes etc. are ineligible!!
It is uneducated to sell cows, goats etc. in the market!!

The majority of people in the above list are those who have not even seen the mouth of the school!!

All of them are artisans but most of them are uneducated people!!

Foundations of Education in pakistan

The ship of this country and country’s system was not sunk by the uneducated, but often by educated and literate people!!

We have been hearing since childhood that education is necessary for the development of the country and it is certainly true, but is it the education that is being given to us or the education that we should get!!

which is our basic, legal, constitutional right.
moral, religious, national right and duty!!

Today, schools are established in every street, but why are we going towards destruction instead of progress!!

There is an unbroken network of private schools, education has become a trade and business instead of a sacred duty!!

It is a bitter and bitter truth that most of the educated class has a big hand in doing corruption!!

On the other hand from a moral point of view these naive uneducated people will at least not humiliate you, respect you and forgive you!!

You go to any educated, graduate police officer, doctor, revenue officer, DC, SP, authority, bank manager or commissioner, most of you will come back with a blow to your self respect!!

Those who see the education will respect you by seeing your wealth and status and as stated above, the same person will give you millions of respects, no matter what!!

Foundations of Education in pakistan

Most of the work is being done by uneducated people in most walks of life, then what have the most educated, educated and educated people done, except corruption!

What an education!!

Today’s education and educational institutions are a question mark on our education system!

We study a lot but what do we learn and practice, this is the main question from our current education system!

Is this dilapidated education system of ours providing us with all that can be expected from every educated person!

Does our individual and collective behavior have everything that an educated man or man should have!! Where is the mess!

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