Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner

Search keywords and create tags.

Let’s talk about this keyword planner.

No organization wants to promote their digital business through digital marketing.

In this case, you must do proper search engine optimization,

otherwise you will never be able to rank your articles.

videos or similar content.

If you want proper search engine optimization, you must target the right keywords.

Because if you target the wrong keywords “for example” low quality keywords, it will ruin you.

Because the wrong keywords always generate the wrong traffic.

Keyword Planner

canhelp you find keywords for your website and tags for YouTube videos.

Keyword Planner provides the use of flowing tools for researching keywords and checking SEO,

as shown below:

Volume Search Volume: Monthly search traffic

and cost per click with suggested specific keywords.

Google and Bing SERP Analysis:

Check search engine ranking status.

Top search queries:
Keywords are searched at the top of a particular website.

It can help you check keywords.

Keyword Density:

It helps to analyze the distance between two keywords in an article page.

Link Analysis:
You can see that all the links on the website include external links and internal links.

Help check website rules, such as approved not allowed scripts, SCC, etc.

Mobile Support:
Check out any website for mobile friendly answers.

Alexa Ranking:
The global ranking position of your website.

Recommendations Popular recommendations.

Find sites that redirect traffic to your site.

Site map
index page: check index page article in search engine.

Lots of information from the original title, content language and title.

Crawling capability:
Google Bing and other search engine crawling test.

Speed Test: Check your website page loading speed from different places.

Keyword Planner has all these keyword research and website analysis tools.

This application is completely free and can enhance your page search engine optimization.

SEO checking allows you to quickly review and evaluate websites from an SEO perspective.

You will gain valuable insights on how to improve search engine optimization.

Adherence to search engine guidelines is essential for the success of search engine rankings.

Keyword Planner

SEO Check analyzes all relevant standards and provides.

suggestions for improving a website to achieve sustainable SEO success.

Check out the comments and analyze:

Meta information:

Analyze page title length in pixels, content, and technically appropriate markup.

Meta description length in pixels and precise description analysis in HTML.

If approved by Google and Bing, analyze tobots.txt.

Check out Noindex information.
Check if the specification link is correct.

Check the hreflang link again.
Check that the server’s location,

domain, and language match the valid language.

Check domain length and technical issues.

Analyze page URLs by parameters, including parameters, sessions, and other parameters.

Keyword Planner

fav checks the correct icon in HTML.

Check and check the character set encoding differences.
Check if the doctor’s mark is correct.

Page quality:

Use text and frequency analysis (b> and strong tags)

Repetition and analysis of very long articles.

Find problematic frames and frame sets.

Analyze the text of the text page and reuse the headings and headings.

Sharing Determine social sharing options.

Image replacement text with good image check alt feature,

Get CSS information online.

Analyze if there are too many ads on the page.

SP checks for spelling errors.
Optimize keywords and identify better.

Page title:

Length Check the correct length and use of the H1 tag.

Use the title appropriately, check the volume and find duplicate text.

Inbound link:

Analyze external links on the page.
For quantity,

repetitive text and link text length, please refer to internal links.

Keyword Planner

External factors:

Check school list attendance rate, adult safety and Google Safe Browsing to understand job rankings.

Check if the page is well integrated with external resources.

See backlinks from Wikipedia.

Social analysis of link promotion in social networks.

Server configuration:

Use to find useless HTTP headers.

Check that it is redirected to www. And non www. URL

Check the loading time.

Check the size of the HTML.

Check the number of css and javascript files.

The main body of each website appears at the top of the search engine results,

using the best website structure and the best on page search engine optimization methods.

Many websites fail in on-page SEO optimization

because they are not sure about the issues and small details missing from the website.

In today’s highly competitive world, most websites,

especially e-commerce websites, are struggling to find a safe place in search engine results.

But how?

Most SEO optimization companies and tools charge more from users,

just to solve the on-page SEO problem.

You can analyze your website on your mobile device in just one tap, why pay again?

Keyword Planner

This application is a simple tool for website owners,

digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts to view free website and find SEO problems on their pages.

We’ve added a lot of SEO checks to find out what’s missing in our site improvement process.

You can compare your website with competitors’ websites and modify your website accordingly.

The broken link checker function has been added to the latest version.

This feature will check all hyperlinks,

images and script link tags in your webpage for broken links.

This application is constantly maintained and upgraded.

We publish new updates at least once every two weeks.

So please wait for interesting features in future versions

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