Octa FX Tranding App For Andorid

Octa FX Tranding App For Andorid

The Octa FX Trading app

is a formal checking trading account

with built in tools that can help you manage your Octa FX profile,control real,

simulated and competitive accounts, and manage deposits.

the lightning-fast new app will make you fall in love with it from the first click.

Creating an account is easy

Whenever you need to open an order with new leverage, you can register anytime,

anywhere and create an account with just a few taps.

Control the equity to control the trade.

Octa FX Trading Application Deposit Control shows you how much money

you need to deposit to support an existing order or create a new order to understand the latest trends.

If you do not enjoy dealing with us,

please do not worry that you will miss out on opportunities or progress.

Our deposit history feature allows you to refill your balance with

recently used deposit amount and payment options of choice,

so you can follow your strategy and save time manually tapping numbers.

Go to your favorite trading platform.

In addition to controlling your trading account and monitoring balance data,

we’ve also integrated with the trading platform so you can easily start trading.

Octa FX Tranding App For Andorid

Select an account, select a trading app and access it through the OctaFX trading app account.

Some powerful features of OctaFX Trading Application Account:

Manage your trading account

trading accounts, edit leverage, enable swap-free options, edit and restore passwords.

Use the most popular payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

View your detailed summary or account performance history,

apply simple filters to it and cancel your previous deposits.

Upload your demo account.

View the competition statistics and access your contest account.

Open bonuses and see valid and complete bonus statistics.

Win money with our game:

We hold frequent competitions with real money and product prizes.

Currently, we have two demo contests.

To participate, you can open a demo account without any investment

and try to use fake funds for trading platforms and strategies.

You don’t have to spend money or provide your personal information,

but you can win real money.
you can win up to  500 in a round.

Octa FX Tranding App For Andorid

We provide a special control panel for your competitor’s account in the app,

where you can manage your funds,

control your current rating, and track transaction times.

And some useful trading tools:

Market insights always keep you on the pulse.

By integrating Market Insights into our Octa FX trading account app,

you can monitor the day’s most influential resources, get day trading ideas,

and create weekly forecasts to prepare you for your next trading action.

And weekly reviews.

Profit Calculator Integration
To give you an understanding of potential profits and losses,

our octa forex trading account application allows you to check the profitability of your device,

monitor tools and the latest market prices for MetaTrader 4 and Meta Trader.

And lets you calculate profits through C Trader.

The calculator tool also shows your net profit including gross profit, conversion and transaction fee error.

With this app, you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning your strategies or learning how to create transactions.

You can only start following experienced traders and copy their trades.

How easy it is: choose the best forex trading master, invest your funds safely,

start copying transactions with one click and get your profits back quickly.

Choose your trading master.

OctaFX CopyTrading lets you browse the list of major traders and compare their profits,

followers count and commission amount.

Click on Trading Master to see detailed performance statistics and trading strategies.

Select the trade master you want to follow and start mimicking trades automatically.

Manage your investments.

With the OctaFX CopyTrading app, you can be in complete control of your financial situation.

Octa FX Tranding  App For Andorid

You can get detailed statistics on how you invest:

your profit amount, floating profit, equity,

percentage of your profit and the success of your investment with each master trader.

You can change your settings at any time or suspend copies of the trade manually.

Manage risk

To minimize potential risks,

we recommend that you diversify your investment portfolio

and allocate your investment to a number of major traders

who follow different trading strategies and trade different assets.

To protect your investment, please set the balance retention percentage.

If the investment falls below a certain percentage,

it will stop copying you.

If you are not satisfied with the chosen trade master,

you can stop copying his trade at any time.

Submit and earn revenue.

You can use several payment methods:

Local Banks Please visit our website to find a partner bank in your area.

Neteller, Skrill and other international payment systems

Direct wire transfer using Visa and MasterCard.

Direct carrier billing for certain services only

Register and log in easily.

You can register with your Google or Facebook account or create a separate account in the app.

If you have an account on the OctaFX website, you can sign in with these credentials.

Get help with our customer support.

You can contact us directly via chat in the app, text us or call us via WhatsApp.

Contact information can be found in the app.


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