The great joys of Eid Make delicious liver decorate your table

The great joys of Eid
Make delicious liver
decorate your table

Great Eid Dul Fitr:
Make a delicious dessert and decorate your table
In Eid Dul Fitr,

All families use the first slaughtered meat to make liver.

If you do not know how to prepare the liver, do not worry, delicious liver recipes are for you.

Create and edit your table.
Raw materials

Table spoons red chilli powder Tablespoons garlic sauce tablespoons

turmeric powder teaspoon honey to taste capsicum

An easy way to produce

Before removing the liver, press the liver with the garlic cloves, spread evenly and leave for 20 minutes.

Then wash in cold water, put oil in a pan and heat it, add fenugreek seeds,

Frychopped onion for 2 minutes.

When the onion turns pink, add the ginger, garlic,

turmericand black pepper and soften well.

Add soy, green chillies and hot spices and for 10 minutes.

Finally add salt and mix well.

Do not add salt at first.

Strengthen courage. After mixing the salt, we take it out and place it in a bowl,

then sprinkle with green coriander.
Sweet liver is good.

Eid Dul Aza is a Abrahamic ritual where sacrifices of cattle, sheep, goats, camels and sheep are sacrificed.

After performing their religious duties, they will carefully travel to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, serve meat

andprepare various meat dishes.

The family takes a long time to do this.

Experts say that meat can strengthen the body and produce blood,

whichis a guarantee of good health, but eating too much meat is unhealthy.

Eat meat on Eid Dul Fitr, but eat meat as much as possible, otherwise you will be hospitalized.

Medical experts forbid eating more than 250 grams of red meat a day and,

recommend adding a salad of meat, yoghurt and lemon to it.

Experts say that after the winter months, people often eat sacrificial meat, which is dangerous to their health.

Do not store meat for more than a month.

Older meat damages the gums and increases the risk of cancer. You’re pretending.

Do not eat meat after carcass, but cook it outside before three to four hours.

Try not to eat too many bitter foods.

Thanks to Eid-ul-Fitr, everyone wants to wash their hands in a hot

pot with goat, beef, tea, and kebab, but medical experts say they are dangerous to health.

According to doctors, in addition to stomach problems, eating too much meat can cause uric acid and joint pain.

According to experts, eating raw tea instead of the acidic drink in Eid Dul Fitr is good for health.

Green tea helps to digest food.

So, basically for Eid Dul Azhar you will have to drink green tea or another cup of green tea several times a day.

In this case, well-known otolaryngologist Nasrullah Rana said that sacrificial meat,

should be properly prepared and chewed, and those who eat meat quickly should have it in their throat.

Dr. Nasrallah Rana said last year many patients came to me

withbones stuck in their necks and necks because of Eid Dul Fitr

and their bones had to be moved home after they lost consciousness.

Dr Rana said prevention is better than cure and meat should be chewed well on the day of sacrifice.

Being late is one of the biggest mistakes in our society.

Not following this habit is a serious health risk.

Misconduct always grows between food and special foods

shouldbe eaten during Eid-al-Adha, as meat is digested later.

Poor diet can damage the digestive system, making the disease closer.

Try to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables by eating meat.

It is difficult to stop eating meat because of Eid Dul Fitr.

Eat a small amount of money to celebrate Eid Dul Fitr.

Healthy food and healthy appearance.

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