UK compete Makeup Free.

UK compete Makeup Free

Elle left, and makeup free, right, compared to last year.

A British contestant who was bullied in school

for her looks took part in a makeup free contest to empower young women.

Ellie Celine, 311, said she used to use makeup as a teenager

and was still ridiculed for having long body hair because of her mixed Greek/English.

He wants his participation in the national competition to influence the next generation.

There may be a young lady at school who looks at her

and realizes that I am as good as I am, she said.

Eli Celine.
Photo Source,
El Celine

Photographer Eleanor hopes other women understand that wearing makeup is an option.

I come from a different culture.

I was ridiculed for my body shape, my hair was too curly

and they always said I had lice on my head

and I was a guerrilla because of my facial hair and arm hair.

There was. There were more. he said.

Now a mental health worker and living in Surrey,

bullying causes frustration among young people, he said.

Kate and Ellie at school, left, Ellie, right.

Allie said, I’ll look in the mirror and make fun of me,

because that’s what they did.

She straightened her hair, shaved her hands

and started doing makeup at the age of 13.

He said:
I would wear a foundation that was a little lighter than my skin because I was eager to fit in.

And nowadays filters and apps are doing what I did in school.

Ellie Celine in her school years.
Photo Source,

El Celine
The caption of the photo read, I needed that person when I was growing up.

Ellen was introduced last year

Mrs Great Britain the new series from Miss Great Britain,

But he said he gave them no.

I gave them something I thought they wanted to see, he said.

Left and right than last year, Ale Khara without makeup,

Photo Source, El Celine
In the caption of the photo,

the beauty contestant said that the trend of not wearing makeup in such a public environment should be normal.

Ellie, who is a musician, decided to enter again this year,

but without the help of makeup, after gaining confidence during the lockdown.

When I was on stage, I always made sure I looked older with my eyes.

It was my waste, honestly.

During the lockdown, I was not as stressed as before,” he said.

Eli Celine.
Photo Source, El Celine

Elena’s friends did not make the title of the film impressive.

Her school friend Kate May, 300,

There was so much blasphemy, it was really dark,

it would be enough to break someone,

but she used it to make her dream come true.

Mrs May said she struggled with her appearance,

often using too many filters on social media, where Ellie told her she didn’t need it.

I even went a little makeup free because it made me feel a lot better about myself.

I think it will make it easier for other women to think.

I don’t need to. It’s pretty impressive.

Beauty pageants these days are more about who you are and what you bring to the table.

It would be really scary to be on stage in front of

so many people on the stage of a national competition.

We want to tell the next generation that it’s okay to be you, he said.

The Miss Great Britain final will take place in Leicester on Thursday and Friday.

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