WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

Welcome to the next generation mobile cricket game.

The most advanced 3D animated cricket game is now in the hands of all cricket lovers.

Hit as many cricket shots as you can with our famous interference shots, helicopter shots and big hand shots.

This is a game for cricket lovers. You have great expectations.

You can also look forward to exciting animations, more cricket pitches, new controls and new camera angles. The features of World.

Cricket Championship 2 make the game the fastest and most diverse in the mobile cricket world.
Get ready for crazy fun!

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download


Online and offline multiplayer games with online and local opponents.

In the Ash Test Championship
150 different hitting moves and 26 different bowling moves
Rainfall barrier, D/L.

and Hot and Extreme Edge
Enjoy a free game.
Incredible diving catch and fast throw stuns opponents and fills defense.

Challenge AI opponents
Realistic force physics dead, dusty, green respond to the court.

Player Attributes Players gain additional skills to continue their performance.

Test cricket, popular events and over 11 matches including World Cup, World Cup 20, Blitz Cup and ODI Series.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

Cricket gang mode, where users can create gangs and take on challenges.

Friends Challenge Friends mode allows users to challenge your friends.

A hitter may be injured due to an ineligible selection of shots.

The mood of the defending player varies depending on the situation in the game.

Real-time film and lighting cameras improve visual appearance.

D3 wheel with dynamic game data
Bowling and voyeur summary of the attraction of lbw.

3D scoring game graph
Super slow motion playback with multiple viewing angles.

More than 40 angles from 40 game cameras.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

Two multiplication controls Classic and Pro.

Two different batting cam settings bowler end and batsman end.

The defending player is equipped with an advanced coordinate system for the ball head.

Professional English and Hindi commentary with dynamic ground sound

The multiplication time is calculated as the multiplication time.

Manual place planning to control your opponent in all modes
Save the end game and game highlights.

User can edit up to 11 teams, player names and roles.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

The spins, the goalkeeper’s incredible shots,

The quick trips and the challenging decisions of the third referee create a realistic cricket experience.

New defenses, referees, throw animations and over 110 new shots.

The engine has been tested and updated in real combat to deliver smooth gameplay at 30fps on most mid-range devices.

Awards and recognition

Annie Report-2016 Top Sports Time App, India

Anny Report-Top Indian MAU Sports Events 2016,

2017 and 2018
2015 won the NASCOM Game Forum Game of the Year People’s Choice Award.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

Google Play Store – Best Games 2015, 2016 and 2017
Google Play Store – The most popular social game of 2017

Required permissions:

Enables you to send notifications about various updates and offers

Recommended system specifications,
Android OS: 4.1 or above

WCC3 is the sequel to the next generation World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2).

WCC3 is a realistic mobile cricket game with highly advanced game features, brand new controls,

multiplayer features, professional reviews, great animations,

Real-time motion capture for professional cricketers and advanced artificial intelligence.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

We want you to add a new feature, tune in to WCC3 and provide you with an amazing and fully loaded mobile cricket game.

A game designed for WCC3 cricket fans.

Completely immersed in the spirit of cricket.

Hundreds of new full speed cricket activities including batting, bowling and defending players.

Professional commentary by Australian cricket legend Matthew Hayden and famous Indian cricketer and chief commentator Akash Chopra.

You will be amazed by the new handcrafted stadiums, lights, and pitches in the game.

Experience the deadly cricket competition through tournament formats like World Cup, Triple Championship, ODI, Ashes and Cricket.

Connect the gameplay to the live game and imitate real-time matches in the game through popular events.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

NPL-Premier League with auction and realistic gameplay
Dynamic AI that matches your skill level.

Different pitches of different sizes in cricket for the first time.

A brand new career mode!
Start your cricket journey as a humble player in domestic, league and international competitions.

Participate in 400 400 games 25 series divided into 3 groups.

As the perfect player, show your skills in all forms.

Enjoy Stun’s stunning visual cinematics that tell your story in all contexts.

Strategic game decisions on game selection, equipment selection, and skill upgrades to achieve your goals.

Create and manage your own team!
Create your ultimate team as cricket team captain, manager, player and coach.

Player upgrade cards can improve your personal team members in 18 branches.

WCC World Cup for Andorid – Apk Download

Rounds Train professional batsmen to slow down or stabilize turns,rapid bowlers or spinners, defense players like lightning and multiplayer.

Customize your look with all the new T-shirts and cosmetics.

A tradition of an indigenous cricket team and pre-set names according to regional tastes.
Control the player’s patience and concentration.

Exciting batting and bowling live simulation.
New smooth and seamless control.

Tap the ball 360 degrees around the field with the help of the all-new warm-up method and the exciting new method.

A new exercise in running, jogging and diving to increase your adrenaline.
Add special distribution techniques that can destroy the surface of the injury.

Out of control of a defensive player for the first time.

Create incredible diving stops, grabs, direct hits and sport throws. This is all in your hands.

Gameplay Use the camera and various control options to customize your gameplay.

Control the player’s patience and concentration.


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