We are the home of Sindh

We are the home of Sindh

The patriarchal system and the legacy of the emigrated country.

It was not long before a speech contest between the ruling party and the opposition took place in the Sindh Assembly.

In his speech, the PPP provincial minister addressed the voices of Fidel Castro and Martin Luther King Jr.

The five thousand year history of Sindh was proud

and it was certain that one would be able to shave the hair of Sindh for the next five thousand years.

By this time the winds were gusting.

There were even couples who shouted at me over such speeches ignorance.

Speeches were made in the Sindh Assembly and our Facebook writers and authors used to spread it on Facebook.

At that time, the minister recited his famous poem in the Sindh Assembly:

Now we are compatriots.
We are trapped in the soul as if we were the body.

Target my land, this is my Gagan.
Such a paradise comes to me, this is the Garden of Eden.

It’s inside me, it’s my heart.
Banan, from whose age I have come home.

The body says you will get it.
The body will split me because of the pain you get.

Make love pieces, make new maps.
They will make drama.

Not only that, but you remember once in the Hour of Judgment,

Even if God divides Sindh, we will not be accepted.

In which country is this Minister Henry Heiner making such a big claim for the country?

When another country was being built in this country called Bahria Town,

and the land with which it was annexed, today it produces the village of Sangeen and Malir, killing them.
The homeland in which the minister lies, Gagan, Eden, and the deceased are being buried

today, in what interests and interests is he being buried?

Much to his surprise and disappointment that this good work is still under the auspices of his party and his government,

with a great deal of emotional uproar over the creation of new maps, today at the Maroon Site on the map of Bahria Town.

He is also a poet himself.

Shah Latif is the leader of all poets and the leader of Sindh.

Today the leader of this leader has been demolished in the name of Bahria Town

As the Minister of Culture and Archeology, his first duty is to protect the historical sites of Sindh.

In the name of Bahria Town, Gear’s tour with the historic village of Sindh is now promoting the myths of Moki and Matar.

In Washington, Bahria Town is also being called Latif Surya Lillian and thousands of years old civilization is being demolished.

By making “Israel” in the name of the Mediterranean, Sindh is being made Palestine.

He is asked to look him in the eye, to put his eyes in his eyes,

to read his great poem We are the natives of India again,

if he does not get any recitation then this Aiwan e Quaid e Latifa,

Reads An Unintentional Forgiveness, gives himself four companions,

and urges his esteemed writers and authors to get to the end of Surah Al-Fatiha.

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