Forecast: Who Will be Pakistan’s Prime Minister in 2024?

As we approach 2024, speculation is intensifying about who will emerge as the prime minister of Pakistan. Amid a complex political landscape and a history steeped in unpredictability, making predictions about the leadership of this South Asian country is no easy task. Yet, by examining various factors such as potential candidates, military influence, international relations, … Read more

I Didn’t Fully Understand: TikTok Star Pookie Apologizes Actions

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Mary Weiss, lead singer of The Shangri-Las, has died

Mary Weiss, lead singer of The Shangri-Las, has died In a somber note for the music world, we recently bid farewell to a remarkable artist, Mary Weiss, the lead singer of The Shangri-Las. A beloved figure, she embodied a generation’s voice and sound in the ’60s. In this post, we’ll celebrate her life, accomplishments, and … Read more