Tour of Ireland visit To The Beautiful Places

Tour of Ireland visit To The Beautiful Places

I remember my parents were killed in a plane crash,

after which I grew up in my aunt’s house,

Island fly Tour  Plane Full Short Fiction Story Flies Island

then I met Captain Arnold who was in New Orlando.

Living with my wife, and here in New York on a flying school job,

I met her and soon we became friends,

flying was my childhood hobby, and maybe that hobby.

It was time to finish, I was an adult, so I secretly left for New Orland with the captain.

Tour of Ireland visit To The Beautiful Places

Before I left,

I must have left a letter to my aunt saying that I was leaving home.

Where I am going, I don’t know myself,

Arnold had a small house in New Orlando,

a farm with a small flying plane,

Julie and his wife were there, she was also very happy to see me,

I was at Arnold’s house Living a quiet life, even two years ago,

I also learned to fly a plane, I remember it was February 4th,

when Arnold came home he was a little happy, a little confused, Julie looking at him

Hey Arnold, the thing is, I’ve been offered to fly a White Eagle,

you know, to the United Company, they’ve offered me to fly their plane to Africa, because

You know I have an international flying license.

This is the background I was trying to convey,

we were flying, but then there was the storm,

the rain, it lasted a long time, when the plane crashed,

I heard Arnold’s scream,

thenwhenI When I regained consciousness,

How did I get here? How did I float unconscious in the sea?

I remember that I was swimming in the sea.

Was my body aching at that moment,

or was it the effect of swimming in the sea,

I was lying in vain, all of a sudden I remembered Arnold,

I don’t know where he went,

theship sank in the sea while the ship was rocking

Then his screams became a bit depressing,

and lying on the beach in the bright sun,

trying unsuccessfully to catch the sun,

I lay like this for a long time, then

Tour of Ireland visit To The Beautiful Places

I dared and sat up, the coconut tree on the right maybe

It was made to satisfy my hunger. I walked over there,

picked up the coconut lying on the ground and tried to eat and drink its juice.

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally

I didn’t know where I was going,

it was a pretty green island,

I muttered or, some distance away

I saw the plains, the ground felt hot ahead,

the ashes appeared, maybe a volcano somewhere nearby Yes,

I saw a peak in the distance and said to myself, then began to think ahead,

that suddenly my sixth sense began to give me a sense of danger,

I looked to the right and left,

a large piece of wood that was old and fell from the tree I fell down,

pickedit up,

sat down and started making its tip with the help of a stone,

that I saw a strange thing coming from one side that was moving towards me,

I got up quickly and started looking at this thing.

It was probably a crab, but the giant temple,

I stared at it with tears in my eyes, what is it called,

I quickly straightened my hand and ran to the crab,

before it hit me I attacked him,

I hit him with the tip of a stick straight into his legs,

blue blood came out,he staggered,

then started moving towards me,

I quickly hit the other leg, this

Once he fell to the ground,

The fall kept moving towards me,

I raised my head and saw a black ball flying in the distance,

I under stood the whole story in a moment,

what it is,

I immediately got up from the ground and, the sea

Tour of Ireland visit To The Beautiful Places


I knew that these were man-eating flies, which would attack at once,

and once Arnold had mentioned them to me,

I would speed up and break the speed record.

I jumped into the sea and drowned in the sea.

Suddenly someone grabbed me and lifted me up,

then I lost consciousness.
What is this call,

is it a snake, or is it an octopus,

it seems to be a human child, it doesn’t matter,

another sound fell on my ears in the Virgin Islands at a good price,

I opened my eyes for a moment.

This time I was lying on another ship. Seeing me getting up,

all four of them retreated at once,

but seeing the weapons in their hands, I was frightened,

because their clothes made them look like pirates.

Falling from the sky, stuck in the palm,

I must have heard, but here it fell into the sea,

stuck in the pirates, the proverb was right,

But at the same time

I felt my senses fly because their boat

was heading towards the same island

from where the man jumped into the sea because of Adam himself.

I felt the earth coming out from under my feet.

And once again I saw one of them coming towards me to tie my hands,

I saw him approaching and I put my hands in front of him silently,

when he saw them all started laughing,I was silent.

Because I knew that the man-eating flies

on the island were ready to welcome them,

because they were talking to me about tying my hands and feet in the boat

and going to the island myself while I was thinking.

I was trembling as to which of the four would survive,

but I also understood that after tying my hands and feet,

I would die in the world of no one,

but I was here at sea in a boat,

or my There was an island of scary bees in front of us where they were waiting for us,

which meant that even if we stayed at sea, we would die,

and even if we went to the island,

the angel of death would greet us.

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