Gift For Fans

Gift For Fans

Recently, mobile games have been a major contributor to revenue.

Over the past few decades, consoles

platforms and online gaming giants have dominated the gaming industry,

but with the advent of the big mobile gaming rebels, change will surely come,

and change is welcome, especially for gamers and fans. For fans.

Mobile game revenue is expected to increase to Rs 45 billion by 2018.

Since 2013, Asia has been at the forefront of the industry,

accounting for an estimated 50% of the industry’s total revenue.

Industry analyst Vincent van Dylan said:

Not only that.

We also emphasize that the recent performance of well known individual companies such as Review, King,

Dina and Gree does not necessarily reflect the state of the mobile industry.

Not in the best interest, but the facts force us to adjust our estimates upwards.

In this regard, mobile gamers, like most console and online game

companies, have managed to gain a significant share of the market.

In fact, it is good news for game development companies and their shareholders,

and more attention can be paid to this growth trend.

Android games are expected to get better in the next few years.

However, despite the large number of downloads of the latter for modern model style games,

the revenue of iOS is still higher than that of Google Play, which is still a fact.

But from a global perspective, China’s App Store

and Android game downloads and revenue surpassed iOS in 2014.

and South Korea are also far behind in global trends.

The report shows that mobile games now account for 40% of the country’s total digital game revenue.

With increasingly fierce competition,

smaller companies are becoming more and more creative, launching e-sports,

multi-screen games and mobile games.

The latest trend is the Android game based on TV games.

Downloads are becoming more popular.

Top 6 companies in the mobile game

industry are striving for maximum dominance without releasing high quality games and lagging behind.

Here are some of the most downloaded game applications:

1: Come

3: Angry Birds.

4: Angry Birds Rio

5: Example of Angry Birds.

6: The place of angry birds.

7: Angry Birds Star Wars.

8: Angry Birds Star Wars 2.

9: Angry Birds Go!

10: Angry Birds2.

11: Ant Killer: The Best Free Game.

12: Archery Master 3D.

13: Asphalt 8: Hawaii.

14: Bad pig.

15: Bad Pig HD

16: Banana port

17: Basketball star.

18: Bloom Blast Saga.

19: The middle of prosperity.

20: Bahadur Seema.

21: Bubble Witch Legend.

22: Bubble Witch 2 Legend.

23: Candy Crush Saga

24: Candy Crush Soda Legend.

25: Car: as fast as lightning.

26: Castle Clash: The Age of Legends.

27: Clash of tribes.

28: Clash of Kings.

29: Imperial War

30: Color switch

31: Criminal cases.

32: Intersection.

33: CSR Racing.

34: Deer Hunter.

35: I despise

36: Diamond Sprint.

37: Symptoms of Diamond Dagger.

38: Don’t click on white tiles.

39: Dragon City

40: Drag Racing Classic.

41: Dream League.

42: The stupid method of death.

43: Road to Death 2: Game.

44: Extreme car driving simulator.

45: Fast Racing 3D.

46: Frozen free fall.

47: Geometry Sprint.

48: Geometric Dashlight.

49: Farm Hero Legend.

50. FIFA 15 Ultimate Edition.

51: Free movement

52: Fruit ninja free

53: Shining hockey.

54: Day of Grass.

55: Warcraft Hearthstone Heroes.

56: Plowing race.

57: Hungry shark.

58: Jet packs for riding.

59: Jewelry Legend.

60: Magic Rush: Hero.

61: Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

62: The battle of life and death X

63: My Talking Angela.

64: My Talking Tom Cat.

65: Treasure.

66: 8 ball pool.

67: Signs of protection from pets

68: Piano Tile 2 (Don’t Hit … 2)

69: Plants vs. Zombies

70: Plants vs. Zombies 2.

71: Real Racing 3.

72: Score! Hero

73: Shadow Fight 2.

74: SimCity BuildIt

75: Skating boy


77: One hit

78: Summers Village

79: Solitaire.

80: Sound sprint.

81: Spider-Man Unlimited.

82: Stack

83: Star Girl.

84: Star Wars: Galaxy Hero.

85: Subway Surfers.

86: Summoner.

87: Talking Bubble Shooter.

88: Escape from the temple.

89: Escape from the temple 2.

90: Texas Hold’em Deluxe Edition.

91: The Simpsons: Out.

92: Throne Sprint.

93: Traffic Racing.

94: Traffic riders.

95: Trivia Creek.

96: Vector.

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