Health And Fitness Best Tips For you

Health And Fitness Best Tips For you

Google named 2014 the Year of Fitness Apps.

This shows that health and fitness apps are a fast growing app category.

According to a report released by Economics,

the developer of M Health app,

The global health and fitness application market is valued at 4 billion.

It is expected to grow to Rs 260 billion by 2017.

Health uses these applications to issue

a variety of applications to fitness companies for specific areas such as health,

nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and calorie counters.

Here are the details of the 10 best health and fitness apps.

Nike + Training Club.

After using this application yourself,

you have all the correct settings to start using.

He provides more than 100 exercises through his head coach.

It has special features that allow you to build your team and choose the level of exercise that suits you.

Straw Running and Cycling GPS.

If you are a serious runner or cyclist then this app is your best choice.

It allows you to track your activities, save training logs and compete with other members of the community.

It is suitable for all GPS running watches,

bicycle stop watches and activity trackers.

Daily yoga

This is your personal yoga instructor, completely free.

With over 50 instructional videos and 500 tunes,

it also has live sound guides and soothing music.

My Sugar Diabetes Diary.
It is the most popular diabetes log application in six countries.

It also has other report formats, such as PDF and Excel.

There are also unlimited blood glucose scans for network importers and analysts,

practical data analysis, and exciting challenges for personal medical goals.


This app has a purpose for every part of your day.

It can do everything from tracking your weight to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

It tracks exercises, allows exercises to be shared,

and maintains daily activities through exercise lenders.


It has a calorie counter and a huge database of 6,000,000 foods.

It allows you to connect to more than 50 applications,

including Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, JawboneUp, etc.

and has a barcode scanner that lets you track your food.

1 mg
By using this application,

you can easily save on medication and laboratory testing costs.

Apple named it one of the best Made in India apps in 2014.

It is also the highest rated app in the Android and iOS medical category.

It provides information on medicines and their cheap alternatives,

health tips written by specialist doctors and side effects of medicines.

Argus Health and Calorie Counter.

Don’t like it when the app does everything for you?

The app measures calorie intake and does not require the use of a barcode scanner,

personal weight loss plan, sleep tracker,

24.7 pedometer and extra battery.

It also provides a global community for sharing and interacting with like-minded people.

Tree planting

Phytocracy helps you pick up the fitness sword to kill the slow dragon.

It uses social networks and works to encourage your plant criticism.

By registering on your website, Exercise is always synchronized between the web and the Android app.

You can also choose to post your progress automatically on Facebook and Twitter.

Sworkit provides videos of personal workouts of various trainers in strength training,

aerobic training, yoga training and stretching training.

It means simple work.

It combines interval training and random exercises.

It has over 13 million subscribers and a special edition for children.

Incorporate these amazing health and fitness apps into your daily life to keep yourself healthy

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