Slimming World Magazine

Slimming World Magazine is

Welcome to the 1 weight loss magazine in the UK

You will find all the winning numbers in the weight loss world.

One extra meal a day, smartly pay extra
Glue tolerance test and world weight loss recipe test.

Dreams are true success stories that can push you to carry the weight of your dreams.

All fitness concepts and fitness in all walks of life.

Expert advice and real world strategies to get you on the right track.

Download now and learn how to lose weight-and keep it-you never thought possible.

Slimming World Magazine

Users can send current fees and refunds to the app

The app offers annual subscriptions.

Shopping starts with the latest version of Ada.

you will be charged the renewal fee for the same period according to the current purchase price of the product.

You can turn off automatic subscription renewal through your Google Play account settings,

but you can’t cancel an existing subscription while it’s active.

Slimming World Magazine

The Slimming World app can help you

and your wingman to help you with every opportunity to lose weight. The weight of your dreams

Use the app to plan and track meals, where you can maintain your weight,

scan barcodes, view recipes and enjoy inspiring success stories.

Enjoy an easy way to plan your meals in advance and add recipes directly to your organizer.

Use barcode scanners and food search to get information about free food,

health products, and statistics.

Track your weight and celebrate your success with rewarding adventures.

Get 1,300 recipes for all lifestyles,

Budgets and confidence
Get inspiration from the real success stories of members like you

Only applicable to our online members

In addition to all the above features, our digital service,

Can also help you lose weight with the inspiration and fun of an online community full of fingers.

Body editor is the best body shape photo editor.

Slimming World Magazine

With the help of body sculpting tools,

you can lose weight, naturally enlarge your breasts and hips,

Reduce your waist circumference, and even increase your height.

You can create your own shape by adding six positions for the abdominal muscles, chest, muscles and tattoos.

With just one tap, you can become a fitness model.

Use body shapers to perfect your body environment
If you do breast augmentation,

Enlarge your breasts naturallyIP hip rivets, easy to cut wide
Slim appearance will be more attractive.

Slimming World Magazine

Thin waist, amazing belly
Correcting the height of long legs will never be a dream

Do specific exercises without exercise ordiet

Ayers hair and hair changes, look at your own look,

Add tattoos, six pack abs, muscle
chest stickers,

Photo collage creator, supports up to 18 photos

Body Shape Editor
Body Editor is a magical bodybuilding editor for every girl.

A curved body can help you enlarge your chest, enlarge your buttock shape your slim face and light waist

Slimming World Magazin

Increase height through height adjustment.

Thin body and thin organs.

Six pack photo editor
Six stickers,

A muscle sticker, a chest sticker, add tattoos to your body,

Breast augmentation
Breast enhancement in a natural way.

The best breast enhancement method.

Physical plastic surgery
The body editor provides a series of lists about breasts,

Hips, waist, face, height and slimness.

Creative collage
It only takes a few seconds to create a photo collage design.

Edit photos with filters, stickers, text, etc.

Use the shape editor to change your body,

shape your body and improve your body.

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