The director of the opening ceremony of the Olympics was fired for a Holocaust joke

The director of the opening ceremony  Olympics  joke

Recently, Kintaro Kechich’s footage from the 1990s was made public,

and he was seen making fun of the massacre.

The president of the Japanese Olympic Games Hashimoto Seiko

saidthat the video mocked painful historical events.

The latest goal is to resist scandal after scandal.

It forced the three to resign in early 2021.

a musician walked out of a concert after killing a disabled classmate at school.

chief creative officer of IR Olympics,

resigned after suggesting that plus size comedian Naomi

In February, after women criticized Yoshiro Mori for improper,

he was forced to resign as chairman of the planning committee.

and it takes more time to meet with many women on the board.

In the recent scandal, former comedian Kobayashi severely criticized painting

and pointed to some of his documents and said,

Holocaust Institute said no matter how creative a person is.

Make fun of me, he was a victim of Nazi genocide.

I think my stupid choice of words at the time was wrong,

The Suga event will officially kick off a two-week competition,

how to hold Friday’s event-there are about 50,950

peoplein the stadium alone to reduce the risk.

Ms. Hashimoto said in a statement As the opening ceremony approaches,

we apologize for worrying the people participating in the Olympics,

the citizens of Tokyo and the people of Japan.

These scandals are of little help to the general turmoil in the sport,

whichhas been shelved

a recent survey found that about 55% of people in Japan oppose hosting games,

worrying that this may be a supernatural

phenomenon of the spread of the new crown virus.

the organizers are working hard to resolve the growing weakness

91 people have been confirmed to have

tested positive for the virus for participating in the sport.

Director General Tedros Azanan Gripps

congratulated the organizers on Wednesday,

Success in the next two weeks is not a zero problem, he added.

isolated, identified and resolved

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