JEff BEZOS Launches Aboard New Shepard Rocket Ship

JEFF BEZOS Launches Aboard New Shepard Rocket Shi

Jeff Bezos boarded a new Shepherd class missile ship

On Tuesday, billionaire Jeff Bezos

space race leader Wally Fink, 62, and 18-year old students.

They take the space capsule, the largest window to fly into space,

you can have a great view of the earth.

After a flight of 10 minutes and 10 seconds,

these four passengers are safely parachuted back to Earth.

Created by Blue Origin for Bezos,

the new Shepard is designed for the emerging space tourism market.

The oldest astronaut was Mrs.

Fink, and the youngest student, Oliver Damon.

The spacecraft flew from a private launch site near Van Horn,

Jeff Bezos schedules an amazing journey to a destination

Jeff Bezos and the brothers flew into space this hollow month

Vale Lee Funk, 82, will be joining Bezos’ space flight

After the capsule landed, Bezos said,

As tronaut Bezos his call sign Today is the best day.

After a two-minute flight,

the capsule detaches from the missile,

and begins to move up the Kerman Line,

the boundary of a very familiar spot at a distance of 100 kilometers.

and float in the air to enjoy the view of our planet from below

without feeling heavy for about four minutes.

As the capsule crosses Carmen’s line,

the astronauts can be heard cheering on the capsule.

Oh, going into the world, said Rich Fink, listening to the scese

and Rolls in microgravity.

In the 1960s, Mrs. Fink was among a group of women called Mercury 13.

They underwent screening tests like male astronauts,

but had never flown into space.

Ole ran faster than all of us, said Mr. Bezos.

Wednesday the 13th was better than all the men,

and I can guarantee it will be the same today.

The capsule reached its maximum height of about 107 kilometers

351,210 feet before beginning to descend,

then descended into the desert to descend gently.

After landing, Mark Bezos said:
My performance is amazing.

Pegas recently resigned as CEO of ecommerce giant Amazon,

which was created to focus on other businesses, including Blue Origin.

His older brother Mark is the first vice president,

New York Robin Hood Charitable Society.

The son of fourth passenger financier Jose Damon,

The unknown winner paid 28 million.

20 20 million to participate in the first flight of the New Shepard with Bezos,

to combat climate change

orto help the world get rid of epidemics.

Sir Master responded to this criticism by saying,

He explained that the satellites monitor tropical rainforest degradation,

food distribution, and climate change,

and added, We need more spacecraft in space,

and we don’t need less.

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