China accused of cyber attack on Microsoft Exchange server

China accused of cyber attack on Microsoft Exchange server

Earlier this year, the United Kingdom,

the United States and the European Union

accusedChina of conducting large-scale cyber attacks.

The attack targeted Microsoft Exchange servers and affected at least

30,000 companies worldwide.

Western security agencies believe that this is a sign of a major

country’s transition to espionage against Chinese cyber activities.

Allegations of law and order and misconduct against,

the Chinese Ministry of National.

Defense MSS have also surfaced on a large scale.

China previously denied allegations of theft,

andsaid it opposed all forms of cybercrime.

Beijing’s consolidated appeal shows the seriousness of the problem.

Western intelligence officials say these events are worse than their existence

It started in January when attackers

from a Chinese organization associated with Hafnim began

to exploit Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities.

Use the risk of installing a door on the system for future reference.

The United Kingdom stated

thatthe attack may lead to the spread of intelligence,

including the discovery of personal information

andintellectual property rights.

This is in stark contrast to Hoffenim’s early goals,

such as conservation agreements, think tanks,

andsome university-related programs.

We know that Internet operators operated under the supervision of Chinese

intelligenceagencies in early January,

and we know that Microsoft used the threat before it widely publicized this threat.

They are running away to take him away,” a security source told the BBC.

If so, then this is another issue that needs to be checked.

But at the end of February something very important happened.

As other Chinese organizations began to take advantage of this threat,

thistargeted attack became

a host of targets aimed at attracting key companies

andgovernments around the world.

Perform massive losses and targeted attacks.

Western security sources believe that

Huffname has previously received information

that Microsoft intends to remove or eliminate the threat,

and other Chinese groups can use it before it expires.

Officials stated that the decision to issue threats was reckless,

which helped to promote the decision to invite the Chinese community.

The United Kingdom also believes

thatit has triggered a long term secret policy in China

and Beijing and provided evidence.

Microsoft accepted the threat on March 2 and published an article to stop it.

At that time, more and more hooligans all over the world

realized its importance and accumulated it.

Globally, nearly 1 million projects have been launched most of which are small

and medium sized enterprises and enterprises and at least 30,000 projects are at risk.

Western governments accused the

Ministry of Social Solidarity of trying to send candidates and sever ties with them.

The British Foreign Office stated that the

Chinese government has repeatedly ignored calls to stop reckless repression,

instead of intensifying the crackdown on

and arrests of government sponsored players.

do not worry.

The White House stated that it has the right to take further action against China

regarding its online activities.

The European Union has stated that the split is a state-owned company,

posing a security risk to private entities and causing significant economic losses.

But Western spies are still trying to understand why China’s lifestyle is changing.

If the aggressor is given the power to provoke,

it shows that what the country wants has changed,

and it increases their fear of no longer thinking about being caught.

For this reason,

many governments are working together to solve their problems.

Japan, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand joined NATO

andissued a unification report.

These countries have banned China from forming a liances with two groups

Believed to be associated with MSS, APT40 and APT31.

Apart from harsh language, there is no sign that new sanctions will be imposed on China.

In turn, after the recent solar wind movement,

A new ban was imposed on Russia, which, according to many experts,

Is no more dangerous than China’s links with Microsoft.

But some officials predict that China is more sensitive to international pressure than Russia.

The US Department of Justice has announced criminal charges against four MSS hijackers,

Claiming that they have been involved in long-term operations

Involving foreign governments and key industries in 12 countries.

After all,
Western security sources believe that

the Ministry of Social Solidarity is behind all recent activities

and hope that international coordination will put pressure on its activities.

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